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A word in favor of thanks

By Charles Qualls I am not normally one inclined to automatically be an apologist when things defy explanation. But then again, mine is not to ... Read more

2 days ago by Contributor.

Happy New Year! One month early

By Scott Baker In this past week where everyone was distracted by Thanksgiving details, many Christians across the globe were preparing for a different holiday. ... Read more

2 days ago by Contributor.

The ransom of captives

By Sam Askew “O come; O come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel. That mourns in lonely exile here, until the Son of God appears. Rejoice! ... Read more

2 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Visible grace

By Nathan Decker “We have become his poetry, a re-created people.” Ephesians 2:10a The Passion Translation You know it when you see it, but when ... Read more

1 week ago by Contributor.

Give thanks even during difficult times

By Scott Baker Thanksgiving Day ushers us into that moment of so long ago, when the pilgrims left for religious freedom and sought foreign shores ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Cheroenhaka chief guest speaker at Fort Lee

FORT LEE Chief Walt “Red Hawk” Brown, accompanied by other members of the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe, was the guest speaker for the Combined Arms ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Movie Review: ‘Let Him Go’ worthy of actors’ talents

By Lauren Bradshaw Ever since I first saw the trailer for “Let Him Go,” I held my breath that it would be a good movie ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Christ gets the last word

By Charles Qualls Don’t you have that friend, family member, coworker or neighbor who always has to have the last word? That’s not always a ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Don’t be a GOAT

By Nathan Decker Ever hear something that made you get nervous for the person speaking? Retired Bishop Carl Sanders came back to Cheriton UMC to ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Contributor.

Evangelist calls on people to accept Jesus

Jonathan Lotz asks if they know Christ personally COURTLAND All who attended the revival at the Franklin-Southampton Fairgrounds in Courtland were treated to the unexpected ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Stephen Cowles.

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