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If only we would tame our tongues

By Rich Manieri I stopped long ago reading comments under news articles and opinion pieces. Not because I don’t believe readers should have the opportunity ... Read more

6 hours ago by Guest Columnist.

In a post-George Floyd America, it’s time to listen

By John L. Micek Ever gotten the wind knocked out of you? Or been unable to breathe for even a few seconds? There’s pain. There’s ... Read more

2 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Trump remains obsessed with Obama

By John L. Micek We’ve known for a long time that former President Barack Obama lives rent-free inside Donald Trump’s brain. From trying to tear ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Columnist.

I don’t miss wearing socks, and other quarantine musings

By Galen Butler I miss … … Thursday night choir practice. More than any other aspect of church life, I really miss this weekly ritual ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

Using a mask to mask your feelings

By Christine Flowers I have been trying to do my civic duty. I stay more than 6 feet away from most people. I live alone, ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

Refusing to wear a mask is America at its worst

By Dick Polman There are many things I love about my country. But “rugged individualism,” when taken to its extreme, does not make my list. ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

There’s room for compromise

By Rich Manieri Over breakfast the other day, my wife, who happens to be a physician, asked, “Whatever happened to compromise?” She was wondering why ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

County treasurer asks that waste fee be removed

[Editor’s note: Southampton County Treasurer Cynthia Edwards gave this presentation to the Southampton County Board of Supervisors for its meeting on Tuesday. She asked the ... Read more

1 month ago by Contributor.

Now’s no time for patting ourselves on the back

By Christine Flowers Americans have a tendency to think we react well in emergencies. There is this sense we rise to the occasion, without whining ... Read more

1 month ago by Guest Columnist.

Celebrate Earth Day by cutting meat, milk consumption

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day upon us on April 22, we are already reducing our carbon footprint during the pandemic by severely curtailing ... Read more

1 month ago by Letters to the Editor.

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